Happy, Calm, Sleep and Confident launch in the USA

We’re very proud that our first four books have launched in the States! *blows trumpet* This Book Will Make You Happy/Calm/Sleep/Confident are all available to buy right now in good bookshops, some not-so-good bookshops and, of course, online across America. Packed full of simple, practical tips to feel healthier and happier day-to-day the books teach you why you feel andContinue reading “Happy, Calm, Sleep and Confident launch in the USA”

What Facebook’s ’emotion study’ teaches us about mood

Facebook has just released the findings of a (pretty controversial) ‘emotion study’ it undertook in 2012. ‘A small percentage’ of emotional words were hidden from approx 700,000 people’s news feeds over the course of one week to see the effect on their online behaviour. The words and phrases chosen were generally considered to represent happy, sad,Continue reading “What Facebook’s ’emotion study’ teaches us about mood”

Genuinely inspirational quotes that’ll make you feel happier, motivated and less like punching a wall

We all have them – a friend who regularly posts supposedly uplifting mantras online or drops them into conversation, but more often than not they have no relevance to modern life or don’t make sense (you know the type: ‘the shilling is worth a pound to those with no wheat’ etc.). Obviously you’re allowed to ignore themContinue reading “Genuinely inspirational quotes that’ll make you feel happier, motivated and less like punching a wall”

Simple mood booster: don’t ignore or dismiss the good things!

When you feel low or stressed everything is rubbish. It’s a fact. You’ll twist everything to suit your bad mood even if it’s genuinely good: “Andy only said he liked my speech because he felt sorry for me”/ “Claire only invited me to her hen party to make up the numbers”. When you feel you’re careering up Shit’sContinue reading “Simple mood booster: don’t ignore or dismiss the good things!”

This Book Will Save Your Life!

Great to see Foyles have featured our books as part of their ‘This Book Will Save Your Life’ campaign!

The press campaign kicks off

This Book Will Make You Happy/Calm/Sleep/Confident are out now and it’s all kicking off press-wise! (For all press enquiries please contact Margot Weale at Quercus: margot.weale@quercusbooks.co.uk) Coming up: Sleep features in Look and Now magazines on 21 Jan; Calm recommended as part of Esquire Weekly’s Top 10 self-help books of 2014; talk at The Hospital Club on 28Continue reading “The press campaign kicks off”

My books are out now!

Today (Jan 6) is the official launch day for the books I co-authored with clinical psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd: This Book Will Make You Happy/Calm/Sleep/Confident! (This may explain that distant whooping sound you can hear in the distance.) You can find them in lots of bookshops (including Foyles and lots of independents) and online. They areContinue reading “My books are out now!”

This Book Will Make You Happy/Calm/Confident/Sleep

I have co-authored a series of self-help books with the amazing clinical psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd that is available to buy now! (Have a gander at them online at Amazon,Waterstones and Foyles or visit any number of bookshops.) There are four in the collection: This Book Will Make You Happy/Calm/Sleep/Confident.  Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy they’re accessible, practical and immediate. No fluffyContinue reading “This Book Will Make You Happy/Calm/Confident/Sleep”

Your new mantra: thoughts aren’t facts

It’s true: thoughts aren’t facts. This may sound like a weird thing to write, but it’s scary how often we just accept totally ridiculous thoughts as fundamental statements of truth…especially when we’re feeling low or insecure. Imagine you’ve had a really terrible day. One of those days that makes you despair of ever getting outContinue reading “Your new mantra: thoughts aren’t facts”