Simple mood booster: don’t ignore or dismiss the good things!

When you feel low or stressed everything is rubbish. It’s a fact. You’ll twist everything to suit your bad mood even if it’s genuinely good: “Andy only said he liked my speech because he felt sorry for me”/ “Claire only invited me to her hen party to make up the numbers”. When you feel you’re careering up Shit’sContinue reading “Simple mood booster: don’t ignore or dismiss the good things!”

Why certain words are bad for you

It’s no secret that words hold huge power. Everything from declaring your undying love for someone to accidentally calling your hot neighbour with a hair-loss complex “bald” rather than “Bob”. The old missive “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is well-intentioned bollocks. Words can do untold damage ifContinue reading “Why certain words are bad for you”

Your new mantra: thoughts aren’t facts

It’s true: thoughts aren’t facts. This may sound like a weird thing to write, but it’s scary how often we just accept totally ridiculous thoughts as fundamental statements of truth…especially when we’re feeling low or insecure. Imagine you’ve had a really terrible day. One of those days that makes you despair of ever getting outContinue reading “Your new mantra: thoughts aren’t facts”