Simple mood booster: don’t ignore or dismiss the good things!

When you feel low or stressed everything is rubbish. It’s a fact. You’ll twist everything to suit your bad mood even if it’s genuinely good: “Andy only said he liked my speech because he felt sorry for me”/ “Claire only invited me to her hen party to make up the numbers”. When you feel you’re careering up Shit’sContinue reading “Simple mood booster: don’t ignore or dismiss the good things!”

Your new mantra: thoughts aren’t facts

It’s true: thoughts aren’t facts. This may sound like a weird thing to write, but it’s scary how often we just accept totally ridiculous thoughts as fundamental statements of truth…especially when we’re feeling low or insecure. Imagine you’ve had a really terrible day. One of those days that makes you despair of ever getting outContinue reading “Your new mantra: thoughts aren’t facts”