Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the This Book Will Make You… mental-health series is helpful, accessible, straightforward and funny. Packed full of strategies that provide immediate results as well as long-term change, they’re designed to make your life happier and healthier, whatever you’re facing. Published by Quercus, they’ve been translated into dozens of languages; Happy, Calm and Sleep come in fancy hardback editions; and in 2020, Sleep was the no. 1 bestselling title on Audible, beating Obama’s autobiography (sorry, Obama). The whole series is available to buy at your local bookshop, as well as AmazonWaterstones and Foyles.

A nostalgic and heart-warming homage to the world’s most popular sitcom, Friends for Life distils the wisdom of the TV series, providing readers with advice and practical tips for pivoting – sorry, perfecting – the art of friendship.


I was privileged to work with Gemma Atkinson on both her debut health and fitness book, The Ultimate Body Plan, and her latest title, The Ultimate Body Plan for New Mums. Both books provide achievable programmes to look and feel your best, whatever your current fitness levels. Gemma’s fun, friendly tone and no-holds barred honesty made both a joy to write and pushed the first to the UK Top 10 Bestseller list (the second is on its way up there!).

I edited Ben West’s debut title, This Book Could Save Your Life: Breaking the silence around the mental health emergency.

This book is a rallying call for change when it comes to mental health – a change to attitudes, services, laws, empty political platitudes, societal stigmas, and the way we talk about all of it. But, above all, this book is about Ben and his brother Sam, who died by suicide at only 15, and the way life can kick us in the teeth when we least expect it. Ben’s a bloody revelation and working on this project was one of the honours of my career.


In partnership with Women’s Health (UK), I wrote an eBook on raising body positive/body neutral girls and young women. Via research and interviews with therapists, teachers, coaches and parents, the book provides background on how and why body image plays such a key role in kids’ development. Strategies are provided on how to boost self-esteem in children from birth all the way up to age 18, teaching them to appreciate what their bodies can do rather than what they look like, as well as ensuring we adults don’t pass on our own body confidence issues. Click on the image to be redirected to a PDF.