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The press response to all of my books has been phenomenal with Fearless and Successful – the latest in the This Book Will Make You… series – featured in YOU, Red, Stylist, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Balance, Asda, Look and Female First.

These, and other articles on the series, are available to read below. Click on the images to be either redirected to a PDF or to the article as it appeared online.

Stylist: Recommendation of This Book Will Make You Fearless in the Style List


You mag & online: Five Steps to a Fulfilling New Year (tips from This Book Will Make You Successful) 


Balance: What’s Stopping You (self-sabotage feature from This Book Will Make You Fearless)


Cosmopolitan: How to stop worrying (Fearless) 


Marie Claire: Is Perfectionism Holding You Back? (Successful Fearless)


Red: Reboot Your Career (Successful)


Female First: Five Ways to Beat Your Fears This Year (Fearless)


Asda: Press reset for 2017


Bookends: This Article Will Make You Fearless (Fearless)


The Telegraph: Gratitude – the latest self-help trend that could change your life

The Telegraph Gratitude feat

Good Housekeeping: Body image tips from This Book Will Make You Feel Beautiful

Good Housekeeping Beautiful feature

Natural Health: This Book Will Make You Sleep recommended

Sleep in Natural Health magazine

Stylist: Mindful in the Style List

Mindful in Stylist

Glamour: Mindful featured in their Happiness Calendar (the 9th day)

Glamour full feature

Cosmo online: Five steps to becoming more mindful

Cosmo online: How to instantly improve your body confidence

Look review of This Book Will Make You Feel Beautiful

Click here to listen to Dr Jessamy’s interview on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour about nail biting

YOU magazine: Go over to the bright side – a three page feature on This Book Will Make You Happy

YOU magazine feature

Fabulous magazine: Check in to the Confidence Clinic

Fabulous Confidence clinic feature

Look magazine: How an extra hour’s sleep a night can save your life

This Book Will Make You Sleep (Look) 

Stylist: All four books recommended in the Style List

This Book Will series Stylist, 15 Jan 2014

Now magazine: How to get the best night’s sleep possible

This Book Will Make You Sleep (Now)

Huffington Post four part serialisation: Huff Post’s four week serialisation of all four books

Huff Post Sleep feature

Huff Post Happy feature

Huff Post stress feature

Cosmopolitan:  ‘Where’s the happy news?’

Cosmopolitan feature on being happy

Comopolitan online: ‘Five ways to get your sh*t together this year’

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 16.13.54

Cosmopolitan: Cosmo’s Life Commandments

Cosmo - happy

MSN Lifestyle: Realistic resolutions: how to actually achieve change in 2014

MSN New Year resolutions feature

MSN Lifestyle: Kick your health woes once and for all in 2014

MSN health woes feature

Good Housekeeping: Five Ways to Beat Blue Monday

Good Housekeeping Blue Monday feature

Good Housekeeping: Reader recommendation for This Book Will Make You Calm

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.49.36

The Express:  Make a Calmer 2014 your New Year’s resolution with some simple ways to stop stress

The Express Calm feature

Top Sante: Perfectionism

Perfectionism (Top Sante)

Candis: Unlock Your Confidence

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.45.11

Zest: This Book Will series review

This Book Will series, Zest Dec 2014

Women’s Way: Dealing with toxic relationships

 This Book will make you Confident, Woman's Way Jan

Woman and Home: 6 Sleep Myths That Make You Tired

This Book Will Make You Sleep, Woman & Home Jan 2014

Very Magazine: Make 2014 your most confident year ever

Very Magazine - make 2014 your most confident year ever

Irish Daily Star: Simple steps to reduce everyday stress

Irish Daily Star - simple steps to reduce everyday stress

Sainsbury’s Magazine: Review of Happy

Sainsbury's magazine - happy review

The Bookseller: Preview of the series

The Bookseller This Book Will article

Female First: Interview with Jessamy about the books

Female First interview

Frost magazine: Reviews of all four books

Frost magazine book reviews

The Bookseller: Preview of the series

The Bookseller This Book Will article

Gransnet: Q&A forum

Gransnet Q&A

Radio: We appeared together on BBC Radio Wales on Thursday 2nd to talk about them with presenter (and all-round lovely man) Tom Price and it seemed to go pretty well (we hope). You can have a listen here (our bit starts exactly an hour and a half into the show):

I spoke to Caroline Martin and Adam Bridge on BBC Radio WM earlier on the same Thursday. You can have a listen to my bit at two hours 33 minutes into the broadcast:

We also appeared together on Talk Europe’s Lifestyle Show on 14th January. You can listen to the edited clip below.

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