journalist, copywriter, author, ghostwriter


Interview Joan Collins with the flu. Ask Heston Blumenthal to eat ‘Hammy Dodgers’. Get hypnotised to beat arachnophobia. Go piranha fishing in the Amazon. The best mags in the UK have put me through a lot.


Nearly 10 years’ experience in branded content, creating & writing commercial features. I specialise in tone-of-voice pieces, interviews and making anything – including soup – interesting (see below).


I have authored and co-authored eight books in the bestselling This Book Will Make You… wellbeing series (based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ghostwritten a UK Top 10 celebrity health and fitness book.

public speaking

Have been caught arguing on Sky News, debating on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour and laughing like a seagull on lots of local radio shows about topics including women’s rights, social media and mental health.

‘She managed to make a soup advertorial funny. A historic achievement’

stylist commercial client