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A nostalgic and heart-warming homage to the world’s most popular sitcom, Friends for Life distils the wisdom of the TV series, providing readers with advice and practical tips for pivoting – sorry, perfecting – the art of friendship.

Having a group of ride-or-die mates has never been more important, because when life kicks you in the teeth (especially if they’re luminous like Ross’s), you know they’ll help you come out stronger on the other side. This book takes lessons from the show on how to (and how not to) deal with issues such as living together, borrowing money, dating, arguments and knowing when to step-up or step away.

With everything from actionable strategies, magazine-style quizzes, listicles and countdowns of the best insults, all beautifully emphasised with bespoke line illustrations, Friends for Life is the perfect book for new and returning fans alike.


I’ve written 8 books in the bestselling This Book Will Make You… wellbeing series & ghostwritten a UK Top 10 celebrity fitness book (and am working on the next). See above for info on my newest, Friends for Life.


10 years’ experience in branded content, creating & writing commercial features. I specialise in tone-of-voice pieces, interviews & making anything interesting. Also now working for Dutch creative agencies.


Interview Joan Collins with the flu. Ask Heston Blumenthal to eat ‘Hammy Dodgers’. Get hypnotised to beat arachnophobia. Go piranha fishing in the Amazon. The best mags in the UK have put me through a lot.


Have been caught arguing on Sky News, debating on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour and laughing like a seagull on lots of local radio shows about topics including women’s rights, social media and mental health.