Author. Ghostwriter. Editor. Copywriter.

Hello! I am Jo Usmar – an author (nine books), ghostwriter (two books), editor (one book), journalist, copywriter, and podcast scriptwriter with over 10 years’ experience working for some of the biggest names in UK publishing.

I specialise in writing entertaining and engaging copy to deadline. I work closely with authors, clients, experts and interviewees to successfully get their thoughts, ideas and experiences down on the page in an accessible way. I am well-known for my ability to simplify complex content, cutting through the noise to find the crux of the story.

I believe serious subjects are often more effectively addressed in frank and funny ways which is why I’m the go-to writer for many publishers on mental-health topics. I also cover travel, culture, and fitness, as well as copyedit for many creative agencies.

I have written eight books in the bestselling mental-health series This Book Will Make You…; I recently edited Ben West’s debut book, This Book Could Save Your Life: Breaking the Silence Around the Mental Health Emergency; and I ghostwrote both of Gemma Atkinson’s books, The Ultimate Body Plan and The Ultimate Body Plan for New Mums.

Clients include: HarperCollins; Headline Books; Quercus; Women’s Health; Men’s Health; Stylist; Cosmopolitan; Esquire; and many others.

Please get in touch via my contact page and give my Instagram a follow (below).