New book press: Good Housekeeping, Natural Health and My 1000 Hours

We were thrilled to contribute to an article on body image in this month’s Good Housekeeping, using tips from This Book Will Make You Feel Beautiful. We’re also very pleased to see Sleep recommended in Natural Health magazine and Calm listed as a top resource for anxiety on My 1000 Hours website. This Book WillContinue reading “New book press: Good Housekeeping, Natural Health and My 1000 Hours”

Happy, Calm, Sleep and Confident launch in the USA

We’re very proud that our first four books have launched in the States! *blows trumpet* This Book Will Make You Happy/Calm/Sleep/Confident are all available to buy right now in good bookshops, some not-so-good bookshops and, of course, online across America. Packed full of simple, practical tips to feel healthier and happier day-to-day the books teach you why you feel andContinue reading “Happy, Calm, Sleep and Confident launch in the USA”

Christmas: the perfect time to be mindful

So yep, December is finally here. Although you’d be forgiven for thinking it arrived three months ago with Noddy Holder’s gleeful bellow of “It’s Chriiiiiiistmas!” having  taken over radio airwaves from September. In the run-up to Christmas it can be easy to get lost in your head. What do I buy everyone? How will IContinue reading “Christmas: the perfect time to be mindful”

Tips to beat stress and anxiety

With new research finding a whopping one in five women experiencing symptoms of anxiety all day every day, it’s time to take action. Below are some articles we have contributed to ourselves and also other news reports we thought you’d find helpful. To get started, here’s one of the simplest strategies of all: if you notice your shoulders are upContinue reading “Tips to beat stress and anxiety”

HELP! How to ask for help when you’re freaking out

Boss: “How’s that 55 page thesis on Chinese economic policy coming on, Nat?” You: “Oh, splendidly, thanks. It’s a real page turner.” Sound familiar? Bet it does. Perhaps not the Chinese economic policy bit, but definitely lying through your teeth when you’re so far out of your depth the Jaws soundtrack is playing on loopContinue reading “HELP! How to ask for help when you’re freaking out”

This Book Will Save Your Life!

Great to see Foyles have featured our books as part of their ‘This Book Will Save Your Life’ campaign!

Read features on the books in YOU, Stylist, Look, Cosmo, MSN and Huff Post

I’ve updated the books’ press page so now you can read all the features, articles and extracts that have been published on the series in the last month. Here I’ve selected some of my favourites that you might like to peruse – just click on the image and you’ll be redirected to a PDF or theContinue reading “Read features on the books in YOU, Stylist, Look, Cosmo, MSN and Huff Post”