Tips to beat stress and anxiety

anxiety-panic-disorders-worry-concern-stressWith new research finding a whopping one in five women experiencing symptoms of anxiety all day every day, it’s time to take action. Below are some articles we have contributed to ourselves and also other news reports we thought you’d find helpful.

To get started, here’s one of the simplest strategies of all: if you notice your shoulders are up near your ears, drop them. That’s it. This will make you aware of your body and therefore more aware of your stress.

Often we’re so caught up in worries (‘what if…?’) and ruminating on the past that we don’t even realise our stomach is tied up in knots, our nails are bitten to bloody stumps and that we haven’t listened to a word anyone’s said until it’s too late and our boss has demanded a progress report on the project we haven’t even started yet.

Tuning into your body is a simple way of tuning into your mood. So pay attention – if you’re hunched over, your stomach feels like a locked box and your heart’s racing don’t ignore it! Follow some of the tips below to calm down both your body and mind:

Huff Post stress feature

Express stress feature

Cosmopolitan online feature

The Express Calm feature

Irish Daily Star - simple steps to reduce everyday stress

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