New work: Stylist cover features – “The Hungover Games” and “The Stylist Sex Survey 2014”

Here are two cover features I’ve recently written for Stylist magazine. “The Hungover Games” is an investigation into competitive hangovers: why are we so determined to feel worse than our colleagues the morning after the night before? “The Stylist Sex Survey” is an analysis of the results of a huge survey undertaken by the magazine looking into UK women’sContinue reading “New work: Stylist cover features – “The Hungover Games” and “The Stylist Sex Survey 2014””

Tips to beat stress and anxiety

With new research finding a whopping one in five women experiencing symptoms of anxiety all day every day, it’s time to take action. Below are some articles we have contributed to ourselves and also other news reports we thought you’d find helpful. To get started, here’s one of the simplest strategies of all: if you notice your shoulders are upContinue reading “Tips to beat stress and anxiety”

New work for Stylist and Fabulous

Below is a selection of work I’ve completed over the last month or so for Fabulous and Stylist magazines. A mix of stuff: travel, news features and topical features.  Hope you like!  

This is what happened when I went to a rave (sober) at 6.30am on a Wednesday…

…and you can read all about what happened here in my article for MSN. (Yes, it was a proper rave with a live DJ and everything and yes, I was just high on life and nothing else.) There are some more pictures below that weren’t included in the article.  

Read all my Heat interviews! (Or don’t. Whatever.)

Whoop! I have finally uploaded all my Heat interviews (it only took four years). Just click on the images below and you’ll be redirected to the PDFs. I’ve also uploaded them onto my designated Heat page which can be accessed by clicking the link or via the homepage. Below are my interviews with Miranda, Heston Blumenthal, Nick Hewer,Continue reading “Read all my Heat interviews! (Or don’t. Whatever.)”