HELP! How to ask for help when you’re freaking out

Boss: “How’s that 55 page thesis on Chinese economic policy coming on, Nat?” You: “Oh, splendidly, thanks. It’s a real page turner.” Sound familiar? Bet it does. Perhaps not the Chinese economic policy bit, but definitely lying through your teeth when you’re so far out of your depth the Jaws soundtrack is playing on loopContinue reading “HELP! How to ask for help when you’re freaking out”

This Book Will Save Your Life!

Great to see Foyles have featured our books as part of their ‘This Book Will Save Your Life’ campaign!

My books are out now!

Today (Jan 6) is the official launch day for the books I co-authored with clinical psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd: This Book Will Make You Happy/Calm/Sleep/Confident! (This may explain that distant whooping sound you can hear in the distance.) You can find them in lots of bookshops (including Foyles and lots of independents) and online. They areContinue reading “My books are out now!”

First copies of the books!

I was beyond excited to receive the first copies of mine and Dr Jessamy Hibberd’s books yesterday. So amazing/bizarre/surreal to actually hold them. It made the whole thing a lot more real – a year ago these didn’t exist! And now they do! And they’re in my living room! Argh! They’re out on Jan 6Continue reading “First copies of the books!”