My books are out now!

This Book Will series at Foyles St PancrasToday (Jan 6) is the official launch day for the books I co-authored with clinical psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd: This Book Will Make You Happy/Calm/Sleep/Confident! (This may explain that distant whooping sound you can hear in the distance.)

You can find them in lots of bookshops (including Foyles and lots of independents) and online.

They are featured in this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine, tomorrow’s Look, this week’s Esquire Weekly and next week’s YOU magazine. They are due to be serialised on Huffington Post and they were also in last month’s Zest and Women and Health. We appeared on BBC Radio Midlands and BBC Radio Wales on Friday to chat about them so fingers crossed the word’s getting out.

Please nab a copy or a couple of copies (no pressure) and let me know what you think.

Published by Jo Usmar

Bestselling author, ghostwriter, editor and copywriter.

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