Come to my talk on procrastination at Birmingham University

Birmingham University talkI’ll be speechifying at my old haunt Birmingham University this Saturday (18 October) as part of the annual Book to the Future Festival. I’ll be chatting about how to beat procrastination…RIGHT NOW! (See what I did there?)

Taking place in room 201 in the Arts Building from 4 – 5pm, I’ll be going through why we procrastinate, how it affects us (our mood, body, thoughts and behaviour) and the best ways of beating it. All the info, tips and insight are taken from our books.

Please come along and join in (don’t procrastinate over coming) or I’ll be chatting to an empty room. You can read more about the festival and register to attend my talk here.

Hopefully see you there!


My Birmingham University talk (video)

Last year I was invited to warble about my career at my old home-away-from-home, Birmingham University. The talk was called ‘Being a Cosmo Columnist and other stories’ and was about how I started in journalism, how I got the writing gigs I did and how I got my book deal.

The good people who organised the shindig recorded the whole 45 minutes which you can watch below. They also did a separate (short) interview about my English degree.

That the majority of my talk was waffley nonsense will be obvious within the first 30 seconds, but hopefully there were some helpful nuggets in there. Please feel free to have a watch and bear in mind that talking about yourself is always hard. I am much more eloquent when talking about other people and other things, I promise*.

*no guarantees


My talk at Birmingham University


I am going to be speechifying at my old shuffling ground, Birmingham University, on the 26 October as part of their Book to the Future literary festival.

You can catch me at 4.30pm talking about how I got started in writing, how I first got my job in magazines, who the best people I’ve ever interviewed are and why (One Direction and Vanessa Paradis FYI – not together, although that would have been excellent) and how the books I’m writing came about.

I’ll chat about the best way to get work experience, what I’ve learned from freelancing and how I came to be a Cosmopolitan columnist. I’ll no doubt also try to be funny and then pretend I’ve dropped something on the floor to hide my shame.

The whole festival is free and there will be a chance to ask any (nice) questions. Please come along!

For more info go to: