Channel 4

Channel 4I worked at Channel 4 for a number of years in two separate roles.

First up, I was a runner in the C4 studio when such a thing still existed in the basement of the flagship building in Victoria. What a mad job. This was during T4’s hey-day with Steve Jones, Vernon Kay, Miquita Oliver and June Sarpong fronting things. Four of us permanent runners would spend 12 hours a day leaping up stairs delivering tea, beer and sushi to whoever demanded it, looking after rogue pets and stopping celebs from stealing the art work/ironing boards (true story).

T4 wasn’t the only thing filmed down there. We also did 4Music and ‘dry-hire’ shows for the BBC and various sports channels.

I pretty much met every famous person I’d ever wanted to meet and a few I definitely didn’t. It was an awesome job and I kind of miss wearing a complicated head set all day for no reason.

I left after a year to work at Zoo in 2006, but returned again in 2008 to work as a commissioning assistant for features and factual entertainment. I spent two and a half years working on shows including Heston’s Feasts, Kitchen Nightmares, Kill It, Skin It, Wear It, Grand Designs etc. before leaving to work at Sugar magazine.