Recent work

A selection of some of my most recent work. Click on the image to be redirected to a web page or PDF.

Women’s Health: Mind Games 

A feature investigating what elite athletes can teach us about mental resilience.

Women’s Health: The Culture of Confidence 

An in-depth investigation into women’s self-esteem in the UK in comparison to women in Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

Women’s Health: Taboo Health Issues

As part of Women’s Health Project Body Love, this article summarised the results of a survey looking into so-called embarrassing health issues as a de-stigmatising mission.

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Red: Solo travel feature

Ghostwriting: Gemma Atkinson’s debut book

Red: 7 tips for successful solo travel by someone who’s done it 

Stylist: How liberation can feed your soul (travel feat.) 

Vitality: How to stress-proof your mind 

Good Housekeeping: 7 amazing food experiences you need to try around the world


Stylist: Ever thought about putting your out of office on for four months?